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Artist bio: Bricka Nationality: South African Zulu/English hardcore conscious spitting kasi rapper. A good day to you all. When asked who is I, at all times I need to understand on what level is the question and why do you ask, it becomes easier to accommodate anyone. Well I am that ordinary everage kasi member who could have had a different simple life but had to adapt to the conflict situations in township environment to find ways and means of comfortability in an uncomfortable space. I am now old enough to make a powerfull decision,be desired,create a plan,dream as well as developing mentally and financially. I must confess I found a path to share my views and that’s lyrically. Hip hop is me. If we could all be real to ourselves than we are hip hop outies. It a few things that forced by body into hip hop, I see it as tool to reach out and communicate with strangers-cum-fans/friends. And everyone of us plays a part in someones life in a good or bad way either way that’s the origin growth of your platform…..angeke uk”crosse lokho. I was once just and inspired listener of this genre. I must salute the conscious lyricists from south Africa and around the world irrespective of there vernac…They made me understand this part of my life. I can never lie, I know less about this industry but with the basic experience I have I am well sure I will handle everything coming my way. My journey has just begun and it’s far from ending. Let me rather keep on saying it limitless. Ofcourse I do have yearly resolutions and plans in place. Hopefully one day I will be declared competent in the top five rappers category and grow even more. You know what is the funny part about my platform is that I already know how hard it gonna be, so umjita uprepared. This is just one of my goals in a dream I’m faithfully waiting to achieve. For me I look at things this way. What is done is done and I cannot regret but learn from it and develop from it. Ngum”jita ohlezi eunder pressure and it good coz my mind reacts quicker than normal plus ngisuke ngi calm.
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