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I'm mean, lean, cruel, obscene... Not only am I Elvis, I'm also James Dean. The self-proclaimed Cut'n'Paste Bandit of SoundCloud, Mahan Mahan is the World famous (in Reseda, Van Nuys and parts of NoHo) bass player of the not-so-legendary Los Angeles based grunge band of the 1990's "Toxic Daisies." Nowadays, he spends his time writing jingles for commercials never aired for products never sold in stores. Aside from the jingles, he also collaborates with and produces musical tracks and posts them on SoundCloud. Long time sufferer of ADHD and a born-again atheist, he... (due to a sudden loss of interest, this bio has been left incomplete...!) ⚧ ☠ ⚧ ☠ ⚧ ☠ ? ☠ ⚧ ☠ ⚧ ☠ ⚧ مرگ بر خامنه‌ای جلّاد مرگ بر جمهوری اسلامی زنده باد شاهنشاه آریامهر رضا شاه دوم زنده باد خاندان پهلوی


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