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Neurokontrol aka NKore, beatmaker of the Raggatek Live Band, is a multifacet electronic music producer from France, playing 100% liveset since 1999 : tribe hardtek at his begining, now more raggatek tribecore hardfloor, and some hardcore frenchcore (as NKORE). He created AstrofoniK Records in 2003 with Wakefields, and OVNI Records with Lunarave / Angry Luna in 2013, and started his new darkpsy / hitech project . He produces over 300 tracks released on vinyl & digital and after overblasted all europe for over 10 years, he now plays worldwide with all his projects, inovating and melting the styles, he brings the raggatek in India and America (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru...) With his original own style he brings some fresh air, his festive & dynamic music is not formatted and always full of surprises : a dancefloor booster 100% liveset ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- BOOKING: - CHECK MY NEXT PARTIES: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- - Played with artists such as : Jeff Mills, Pendulum, Mad Professor, Earl16, Soom-T, Benny Page, Zomboy, 1200 Micrograms, Noisia, Aphrodite, David Carreta, The panacea, Black Sun Empire, Viper XXL, Cut&Run Crew, Dj Heretic, Knowledge & Wisdom, High Ranking, Teenage Bad Girl, Missil, Greg Notill, Candy Cox, Jan Fleck, John Lord Fonda, Kenei, IPhaze, Adrian Sherwood, Dj Murphy, Francesco Farfa, Fatima Hajji, Lukas, Fernanda Martins, Kardinal, Lowkey, Far Too Loud, Radiobomb, Chris Liberator, Sterling Moss, Dilemn, Pro7, Candy, Dj Panik, Epeak, Konik DZ, Resh G, Kokci, Stereo Heroes, Snapcrack, Rykkk's, Trackwasher, Electrobugz, Noisebuilder heretik, Jeff23, Silent Frequencies, Probe1, Troublegum, Basscave, Keewix, Spacid, Cosmosis, Monkey Explosion, FKY, NTW23 Spiral Tribe, 69db, Bad Girlz, Crystal Distortion, Ixi, Ixindamix, Meltdown Mickey, Jeff23, Roms aka Harry Potar, Keygen Kaotic, Suburbass, Maissouille, Osmik, Mat Weasel Buster, Guigoo Narkotek, Seno, Weser, Kefran Narkotek, Beuns Heretik, Nout, Stalker, Rokette 77, KRS, Ben 9MM, Vandal Kaotik, Interface68 LSDF, Ralph Patetik, Vinka, David Green Infrabass, Metrik Teknomad, The Mister X, Civil Unrest, Desert Storm, Empatysm Capsule Corp, Pzeko Mamut Capsule Corps, Rinse Acid Anonymous, Rom TNT, X-tech OQP, MSD, WAR, Akira, Ganez the Terrible, Billx Tekclicit, Floxytek Marsatek, Labo14, Strez HPF, Reo, Frank@ Daje Forte, Nixt, Alryk, Dr Looney FRV100, Mimaniac, Anticptik Kaotek, Darktek Hysterik, Talasemik, Wakefields UTF, Ktodik, Wems ONTMS, Paranoiak, Dj D32, Skimz, Liquid Mind aka Mindtrax, Pitch Mad Attak, Madcore, Viko, DTC, Ratus, Silyfirst, Mc Galere, Alextrem, Micropoint, Al Core, Radium, Hellfish, Detest, Dr Macabre, Adrenokrome, Tieum, Noisekick, Shockraver, The Speed Freak, Trypod, Pattern J, Cemtex, Skyzo, Kix, Format c:, The Destroyer, The Massacre, Noizefucker, Sandy Warez, I:Gor, Paranoizer, RDZ, Sonic Overkill, Mr. Courage, Randy909, Braindrillers, Sonnotek, Le Bask, Hungry Beats, Dither, Frazzbass, Bryan Fury, D-Tox, X-Mind, Dam Son Actif, Dr. Peacock, Komprex, Subversion, Dj Mutante, Mad Dog, Bit Reactors, Bonehead,... and many more ! Check main flyers here ----------------------------------------------------------------------- N'Ko ARTIST PAGE: BOOKING Neurokontrol LIVE: ELECTRO PROFILE: HITECH DARKPSY PROFILE:
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