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Soundiron LLC is co-owned and operated by Mix Foundation TEC Award (2007) winning and BAFTA nominated Sound Designer/Audio Engineers Mike Peaslee and Gregg Stephens, and technology, scripting and systems wizard Christopher Marshall. We're a premium instrument sample library and virtual instrument software design, production and publishing company, specializing in choral and epic scoring instruments and percussion, pianos, drums, ethnic instruments, professional sound effect libraries and inventive experimental sample collections. We specifically gear our libraries toward seasoned pros and working musicians in the film, television, advertising, video game, and music recording arts but we commit ourselves to bringing all users, from veteran to beginner, the same deep quality, outstanding customer service and low prices. With over 40 unique products and new releases every month, you'll always find something awesome at Soundiron. If you’d like to check out current user demo submissions, look for their name to the right in the track title in the Soundcloud Player. You can see credits for the non-user submitted demos on our Soundcloud page, by clicking the Song Title to go to the track page, where you can see track info. For demo submission guidelines and information, visit here:
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