Fernando Nicknich - Twilight At Pirate's Bay (Dressed) - Soundiron Little Pump Reeds.

Fernando Nicknich - Twilight At Pirate's Bay (Dressed) - Soundiron Little Pump Reeds

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Fernando Nicknich’s official demo is a dressed mix using sounds from Little Pump Reeds blended with other libraries. Little Pump Reeds is a collection of instruments we've stumbled across over the years that happen to fall on the smaller side of the wonderful and under appreciated world of hand-held air-driven reed-based instruments. This library ranges from fine quality hand-crafted traditional Indian Shruti Boxes, to a mini accordion and what we refer to as the Plastisax (something vaguely like a child's plastic soprano saxophone, but sounding more like a harmonica). This library also includes a lovely 14-note concertina of which we sampled 3 dynamic layers and multiple articulations. We also implemented a powerful user interface that allows quick access to all of the instruments in a single preset. As always, we've sampled each instrument lovingly and thoroughly, with attention to playability and musicality. Obviously, we took these instruments much farther than they were ever designed to go. These sample sets are surprisingly rich, full and playable in a way that one would normally only be able to expect from top notch, full-range instruments. In the end, we just decided it was high time somebody give these little misfit toys the respect and attention to detail that they truly deserve.

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