Japanese Swag 日本のペルソナ(Prod. Genshin).

Japanese Swag 日本のペルソナ(Prod. Genshin)

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#WEEABOOTRASH Lyrics (Intro) (HOOK) Pull up in that foreign All white like casper Yo bitch i bag her She call me master Senpai gon notice you if you bad then i capture Rollin through the city in my japanese swagger Japanese swag, i got that japanese swag (repeat) (Verse) She hit my line up like moshi moshi Bitch i'm poke-ballin i think i might buy sony Man my girl so kawaii, hiroi sekai we pimpin' Got my tattoos in kanji, and my ninjas on missions We the anbu, black ops Shoujo she mad hot Japanese bitch, told me she like the black cock I'm in akihabara, i think i need a harem I put the bitch to sleep, now her name Shinohara (HOOK)

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