Tino Danielzik - One Man Left (Dressed) - Soundiron Montclarion Hall Piano.

Tino Danielzik - One Man Left (Dressed) - Soundiron Montclarion Hall Piano

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Tino Danielzik’s official demo is a dressed mix using sounds from Montclarion Hall Grand Piano blended with other libraries. The Montclarion Hall Grand Piano is a classic Steinway 1926 parlor grand that lives in one of our favorite recording halls. We captured in wide stereo from three distinct microphone distances (internal, external/mid and far/hall) to allow custom and surround mixing and provide different ambient flavorings. It has a crisp, solid tone ideal for classical composing, yet works equally well for soul, jazz, rock and pop. But this 7+ GB library goes well beyond a simple classical grand piano library. It also includes a wide selection of extended "prepared piano" and very useful creative FX articulations, such as percussive pounds, slams, string scrapes, steel guitar slides, mallet and pick glisses, sweeps, plucks and much more.

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